Jersey Post, the letter and parcel delivery provider, has used mobile workforce and item tracking solution SmartTask POD to boost its service offering for recipients and business partners. The software has underpinned a major change project, which has included the deployment of a range of new innovations that have enhanced final mile delivery and streamlined operational processes.

As a result, Jersey Post has improved choice and increased first time delivery success, while handling an additional 46,000 parcels a month without the need for any additional labour and reducing Average Unit Cost by 54%.

SmartTask POD was initially deployed across 124 delivery routes that are serviced by a team of 160 postal workers to provide added visibility of all parcel deliveries. This has provided consistent tracking events across its network, making it possible to share the whereabouts of a parcel in real-time to customers through a web portal or an application on a smartphone. The technology solution has helped to simplify and automate processes and procedures that had previously used paper-based or manual systems.

Jersey Post has since used SmartTask POD to help deliver a greater range of value-added final mile services. SecureDrop enables a resident to nominate a safely accessible, weatherproof location within the grounds of a property, which can be used when they are not at home. A network of parcel lockers has also been integrated with the tracking system, so registered customers can be alerted when an item is received and provided with a unique pin code to gain access. As a result, first-time deliveries are up to 96%, contributing to an annual decline in counter collections from Jersey Post’s headquarters of almost 50%.

SmartTask POD has been integrated with sorting equipment at Jersey Post’s Rue des Pres headquarters. The sorter uses barcode and optical character recognition (OCR) reading capabilities to capture automatically data and feed it into the item tracking system to speed up the handing of packets and parcels. Meanwhile, SmartTask POD is allowing Jersey Post to manage customs clearance electronically, reducing the process from an average of 5-7 working days to just 2-3. The system automatically identifies when tax is due, with customer contacted via email or SMS to provide an update and prompt them to make the payment prior to the goods arriving on-island.

Tim Brown, CEO, Jersey Post commented: “SmartTask POD is a reliable and robust tracking system that is an integral part of our parcel delivery operation and provides Jersey Post with the capabilities to adopt the latest technology innovations in the future. As a highly-effective decision engine, it underpins the successful delivery of parcels across the island and helps improve the overall experience to both residents and our business partners.”

Paul Ridden, CEO of SmartTask said: “We have worked closely with Jersey Post to help them adapt their operation and leverage technology in order to ensure improved, more efficient service without escalating overheads for packet and parcel volumes where margins are typically lower. SmartTask POD has enabled them to implement an advanced parcel management solution that delivers competitive advantage and generates new revenue streams, while creating cost saving opportunities and automating existing processes.”