owensOne of the UK’s leading Warehousing and Distribution businesses, Owens Road Services has teamed up with 3Sixty Fleet in an exciting new partnership to enhance Owens’ fleet risk management processes.

Owens, headquartered in Llanelli with 15 sites across Wales and England and a fleet of more than 350 vehicles, has a great reputation for continuous customer service improvement, working closely with external partners to meet the challenges of a very demanding industry.  Having identified the need to improve its fleet risk management processes following a road traffic accident or incident, Owens took the initiative to partner with Manchester based, 3Sixty Fleet utilising its ‘FleetWatch’ service.

“We realised that we needed to have greater control over our fleet risk management following a road traffic accident or incident”, explained Eurof Owen, Operations Director at Owens.  “We needed to fully understand why these incidents occur, analyse the causes and take steps to try to stop them happening again. Having trialled the services of 3Sixty Fleet on a few incidents, we were extremely impressed with the results achieved and the cost-effectiveness of the service.”

‘FleetWatch’ from 3Sixty Fleet provides a range of bespoke services specifically designed to help the logistics industry improve the way it deals with fleet risk management. After every road traffic accident or incident – including near-misses – 3Sixty Fleet undertakes an in-depth interview with the driver, from which a detailed statement is prepared.  Also, where necessary, a visit to the accident/incident location is conducted. This process provides a wealth of information often overlooked when completing an insurance accident report form.

The information obtained by the ‘FleetWatch’ service is analysed to determine the reasons behind each accident/incident and, because every incident is dealt with consistently, continual analysis is possible enabling trends to be identified.   Recommendations, process reviews and employee re-training can, therefore, be implemented on an ongoing basis to deal with the root causes behind accidents and incidents, enabling organisations to be as pro-active as possible.  As a result, ‘FleetWatch’ reduces the stress on Transport and Fleet Managers, enabling them to focus on keeping their fleet on the road and all for a fixed monthly fee per vehicle on fleet.

By adopting ‘FleetWatch’, Owens is aiming to reduce its exposure to potential losses whilst allowing the business to remain in total control of its fleet and costs following a road traffic accident or incident.

Andrew Drewary, Consultant Accident Analyst at 3Sixty Fleet added: “We are excited to be partnering with Owens in this new venture. Both companies have the same proactive and forward thinking approach to tackling such a difficult and often dangerous area of business. The consequences of not constantly monitoring and analysing the root causes of road traffic accidents or incidents and taking appropriate action can be catastrophic. Our complete focus is on protecting Owens from unnecessary risk and cost while at the same time protecting its business reputation and enhancing its brand.”