Intelligent Telematics has teamed up with Plexus Law to launch a proactive claims management service for large self-insured corporate fleets.

The technology-led solution, using the industry-leading IT1000 3G vehicle camera, is designed to take advantage of First Notification of Loss to provide a quality claims experience with early-and cost-effective settlement. As result, these vehicle operators can now achieve high levels of brand protection while reducing the financial impact of motor insurance claims.

Plexus Law’s team of claims handlers, based in Leeds, West Yorkshire, will quickly review liability within minutes of an incident occurring using video footage and supporting data captured by the 3G vehicle camera. This will enable an early decision on whether to settle or defend a claim, immediately organising repairs and hire arrangements where required, so the claims lifecycle costs can be kept to a minimum.

“For large, self-insured fleet operations, spiralling claims costs can have a significant impact on the profitability and reputation of their business,” explains Laurence Ives, Head of Business Development at Plexus Law. “Our proactive claims management solution works seamlessly with Intelligent Telematics and its partners, using shared systems and processes, to deliver a high-quality service that achieves measurable value and return on investment. As a result, we are already seeing early adopters experience savings of over 40% of claims spend.”

Sam Footer, Head of International Business & Strategic Development at Intelligent Telematics commented: “Plexus Law has longstanding experience quickly and efficiently handling claims in a professional manner, so self-insured fleets can make the most of our 3G vehicle cameras with proven benefits and unrivalled savings potential. We can now provide an end-to-end or modular solution that takes advantage of Driver Behaviour Monitoring, Real-time Collision Intelligence, First Notification of Loss (FNOL) and Proactive Claims Management.”

First Notification of Loss (FNOL) and Third Party Intervention (TPI) will be provided by Sopp + Sopp using its experience gained from working with some of the UK’s most prestigious fleets. The company’s 24/7 call centre will proactively monitor and alerts Intelligent Telematics 3G vehicle cameras, providing added driver support and industry-leading third-party capture rates over 85 per cent.