With the current nationwide shortage of self-employed delivery drivers and wider supply-chain issues being witnessed across industries, UK firms are now having to go above and beyond to both attract and maintain their subcontractor workforce.

Historically, the logistics industry has faced a number of challenges around engaging self-employed drivers, an obvious example of this can be found in lengthy onboarding processes with delivery firms. Typically, this onboarding and setting up of new subcontractor drivers covered everything from job applications through to documentation, right to work forms and a number of tax and compliance-related hurdles which needed clearing before a driver could begin.

Now, UK firms are revamping their processes to keep ahead of their competitors in the hunt for eligible subcontractor drivers, with the use of cutting-edge technology such as the Wise platform. This technology is being used to improve the self-employment experience for their subcontractor workforce from start to finish, through the entire onboarding process, saving them time, money and stress.

With over 250 UK logistics firms using the platform, Wise is making life easier for those companies’ self-employed subcontractors as, through using the accompanying mobile app, subcontractors can now:

  • Submit all of their documentation online ahead of a job interview with the main contractor
  • Automatically send  all of their invoicing and expenses at the end of each week
  • Generate end of year tax returns through our accountancy partner, meaning no HMRC issues or nasty surprises

Dan Richards, Chief Commercial Officer at Wise, said: “Our team of expert developers and logistics specialists have worked hard over the last couple of years to create a platform which drastically improves the experience of self-employment for both the subcontractor and the company which engages them.

“We know that with the current scarcity of qualified, available drivers there’s going to be even more emphasis on companies to make the onboarding process smooth and efficient and it’s really encouraging to see so many firms do this through technology. We’re always striving for new ways to make this self-employment experience even easier for subcontractors and that’s why over 11,000 self-employed drivers are now using our intuitive system.”

To find out more about how Wise is helping self-employed subcontractors within logistics to save time, money and stress, head to www.withwise.com