Evri, the consumer delivery specialist, has committed to providing mandatory ESG Training for all employees and contractors by 2024, as it continues its journey to becoming an even more ethical and sustainable business. 

Forming part of the company’s comprehensive and ambitious ESG strategy, the training is designed to highlight the importance of ESG, and to encourage employees to consider environmental and social implications during their day-to-day roles.  It is being rolled out across the whole company and will be mandatory for all 7,128 employees and 20k plus contractors.  In order to ensure full access everyone involved has been given a dedicated email address, including all couriers and warehouse operatives.”

The company’s dedicated Digital Learning Designer and Digital Learning Manager have worked closely with the ESG team to create the training and will be responsible for the roll out across the company.  The training will focus on Evri’s ESG performance and future ESG targets. The aim is that upon completion, employees should feel comfortable talking about the ethos of ESG within the company.

Martijn de Lange CEO, Evri commented: “Following a period of exceptional growth for the business, it’s never been more important to recognise our impact on the planet and its people. While we have always been a responsible carrier, the last 12 months have seen a significant gear change in our efforts to become an even more ethical and sustainable business. 

“To underline our commitment, ESG forms two of the four core pillars that underpin our new brand: Community and ESG itself. With a dedicated team and a bold new vision in place, Evri is in a strong ESG leadership position as the next chapter for our business begins.”