dxUK-based mail, parcels and logistics network operator DX has reported that it is investing to make its delivery fleet greener and more secure.

“Following successful trials, recent investment includes the roll out of specially designed 3.5 tonne and 5 tonne delivery vehicles, which have greater fuel efficiency than the existing fleet,” said DX.

“The new 3.5 tonne vehicle produces 15kg less CO2 emissions, and the 5 tonne vehicle 23kg less CO2 emissions, than their respective equivalents (per 100 miles travelled). These vehicles are also smaller, quieter and easier to manoeuvre through residential areas, causing less disruption.

“The investment in more fuel-efficient vehicles goes hand in hand with DX’s stake in Gnewt Cargo, the zero emissions carrier with the world’s largest fully electric delivery fleet, further demonstrating DX’s ongoing commitment to reducing carbon emissions.”

DX added that it has also invested in new security features for its existing vehicles. These include remote tracking and cut off systems, which enable DX to remotely disable a vehicle if there is any suspicion that is has been stolen, and also ‘in-vehicle’ cameras.