TruTac is warning businesses about little-known but stringent tachograph compliance rules that require commercial vehicle operators to record and show evidence of drivers’ timetables – both during and outside of working hours –for the past 28 days.

The majority of EU Mobility Package rules were introduced on 20th August 2020 and applies to every driver undertaking any EU-regulated driving (both HGV and PSV). It requires operators to provide at the roadside, 24/7 record of drivers’ activities for the previous 28 days, which must be documented via a tachograph chart, the driver’s digital card or a printout from the digital device. This is the case even if they only undertook one EU Regulated driving duty in the prior 28 days.

Crucially, this is not limited to the time driving time behind the wheel or even engaged in other activities for the business. The regulation requires operators to show complete evidence of drivers’ entire calendars for the period, including daily rest, days off and sick leave. This is an onerous task particularly for part-time, agency or drivers who work a mix of EU regulated driving and non-EU.

TruTac is aware the DVSA has begun enforcing the regulations during roadside stops and when investigating operators. Traffic Commissioners are also reportedly scrutinising operators’ facilities to find out if they have systems in place to document drivers’ timetables in sufficient detail.

“Operators really need to know about this regulation because, based on feedback from our customers, we know the DVSA are actively enforcing it,” says TruTac’s Managing Director, Jemma James. “However, there has been absolutely no publicity about it whatsoever, so it is incredibly easy for even the most diligent commercial vehicle business to inadvertently contravene the rules.”

TruTac’s range of software for the transport industry is designed with compliance at its core, and it documents operators’ activities and drivers’ hours in minute detail. Its TruControl fleet management portal comprises a suite of software applications for simple all-round compliance management and includes tools such as TruAnalysis – a full tachograph management system, with driver de-briefing, risk scores and automatic compliance reporting.

The TruView tool is a manager’s dashboard, which displays key performance data in an easily digestible format, while the TruDriver driver portal is specifically designed to educate and inform drivers about tachograph records, infringements and working times.

“This regulation is a real headache for operators, and it’s worth remembering that it applies to any driver undertaking EU-regulated journeys – even an occasional agency driver,” adds Jemma. “Drivers and operators will be expected to produce these records when stopped, so it’s vital that they have a solid and dependable way of capturing and presenting the data.”