An increasing number of road transport operators are using live vehicle data to get more from the Transport Exchange Group’s freight trading platforms. Over 1,000 vehicles using Teletrac Navman telematics have now been integrated, allowing tracked Courier Exchange and Haulage Exchange members to advertise their available capacity and increased visibility throughout the supply chain. In fact, these members have been able to typically reduce their empty running from an industry average of around 30 per cent to less than 10 per cent by taking advantage of the rich location based data that Teletrac Navman provides.

This milestone coincides with the launch of new functionality that will enable two-way communication with drivers to allocate jobs and capture load status updates. Operators with tracked fleets will now be able to message drivers direct from the Exchanges through Teletrac Navman’ in-cab terminal, enabling them to receive job details, access routes to both pick-up and drop-off points, and provide accurate member to member feedback. As a result, operators will be able to see exactly when a collection or delivery has been completed, as well as create automated email alerts for trading partners and customers.

Transport Exchange Group and Teletrac Navman teamed up late 2014 to allow telematics-enabled, registered operators to benefit from real-time location and status information. Integrated couriers, hauliers, freight forwarders and logistics providers, can advertise free capacity and generate load notifications based on accurate positioning data. Meanwhile, trading partners can monitor the whereabouts and progress of their loads in real-time for complete transparency.

Simon Bunegar, Transport Exchange Group’s Head of Business Development commented: “We are working with leading technology and telematics partners, such as Teletrac Navman, to allow road transport businesses to securely share key operational information to maximise their fleets’ capacity and provide added peace of mind. In fact, this added visibility and control is having a dramatic impact on their revenue growth, operational performance and lower environmental impact. Our usage data for the Exchanges shows that members with telematics are gaining significantly more work and consistently getting higher rates per mile.”

Peter Millichap, European Marketing Manager at Teletrac Navman said: “We have worked closely with Transport Exchange Group to enhance the functionality of our vehicle tracking solution to help our road transport customers overcome some of the operational challenges they face. We are seeing increased demand for this integrated approach to tracked freight trading, which is recognition of added value it can achieve in terms of fleet productivity and efficiency.”