• AlcoDigital Neo – smart breathalyser provides real-time photographic evidence of test as it is taken
  • Allows employers to regularly test drivers while out on the road
  • Ideal for commercial fleets, taxi drivers and bus companies
  • Utilises Fuel Cell sensor technology as used in police breathalysers
  • Accurate results in seconds
  • Provides photo, GPS location and time of test
  • Link to the iSOBER APP to share results via SMS or email
  • Test from anywhere in the world

AlcoDigital – the UK’s leading supplier of breathalysers – has developed a unique new Smart breathalyser to keep drivers safe – with photographic evidence of the test being taken.

The AlcoDigital Neo uses a Fuel Cell sensor (the same type used in police breathalysers) to produce an accurate alcohol breath test within seconds to help drivers ensure they are safe to drive. But uniquely, when linked to the iSOBER app (IoS and Android), it can share the results – with a photo of the test being taken, time and GPS location – via either SMS or email.  

Employers can keep regular checks on their drivers at a fraction of the cost of an alcohol interlock using nothing more than a smartphone and the Neo device. Bus companies, long distance lorry drivers, taxi drivers – can all test before they start their shift, wherever they are in the world. Drivers can also be random-tested at any time with nothing more than a phone call or text from an employer to their staff member, requesting an updated test.

Whether testing for a driver’s own safety and peace of mind, or to prove sobriety to an employer, this innovative device is a simple and affordable method of ensuring that motorists do not get behind the wheel if they are over the drink-drive limit.

Given that legal alcohol limits vary from country to country, another important feature is that the AlcoDigital Neo has a country-specific setting, meaning it’s perfect for fleet drivers travelling across borders.

Suzannah Robin, Director of AlcoDigital, said: “We’re delighted to be launching this new testing device. It’s simple to use and is ideal for people who drive for work or leisure.

“The camera function allows the app to take a photo of the user taking the test, offering reliable proof the driver is sober, whether that’s to an employer or a concerned parent.”

The AlcoDigital Neo features high grade sensors that can last for many years with regular calibration. Calibration is required after 12 months or 500 tests (whichever is soonest).

“Safety has never been more important,” added Suzannah Robin. “Employers increasingly see the need to screen their staff for alcohol misuse, especially in industries such as transport and logistics. The AlcoDigital Neo offers a non-intrusive and accurate method of testing at a very affordable price. We are confident that it will become another bestseller in our comprehensive product range.”