3G vehicle cameras are increasingly being used to challenge fraudulent insurance claims, false driving allegations and disputed liability, providing added protection to commercial fleet operations and their drivers.

Intelligent Telematics has released a number of recent videos to demonstrate how footage from its industry-leading connected camera solutions is helping companies to guard against avoidable insurance costs by proving exactly what happened.

“Our cameras are capturing thousands of driving incidents every week, many of which are being used by our customers to determine liability within moments of them happening,” explains Sam Footer, Director of Intelligent Telematics. “Commercial vehicles can often be penalised unfairly when liability is disputed following a collision, or are simply victims of false allegations, so 3G cameras are the only way of having immediate access to video evidence and supporting data.”

One of the clip shows a SUV dangerously pulling out from a side road when obscured by a bus, which forced a van from the road into a grass verge, narrowly missing a tree. Had the van not taken evasive action and struck the SUV from behind it would have probably been liable for the collision without the aid of event footage. In a separate incident, a car drives head on into a van when driving on the wrong side of the road overtaking parked vehicles, while another shows a van being shunted from behind into the vehicle in front.

“These videos highlight some of the collisions that are taking place every day on the road network, which is costing commercial fleet operators without 3G vehicle cameras many thousands of pounds in added insurance costs. Of course, there are those occasions when the van driver is at fault, so the devices also enable companies to streamline the claims process as well as support road safety training initiatives,” concludes Footer.

Intelligent Telematics’ IT1000 and IT2000 3G devices are the leading single and dual camera solutions for vehicle operations. They use the most sophisticated 3G and 4G technology so that HD footage of any collision, near miss or harsh driving incident is captured and automatically transmitted within moments of it happening. Unlike other systems in the marketplace, the videos and supporting data are uploaded to a secure server network with no user intervention required, making them the only truly effective 3G vehicle cameras for First Notification of Loss (FNOL).