Diamond Logistics is pleased to announce that it has been awarded Crown Commercial Service supplier status for the provision of services to public sector organisations as part of the first ever logistics and warehousing framework agreement (RM6074).

Diamond Logistics has successfully secured a place on the Crown Commercial Service’s logistics and warehousing framework, having gone through a fully compliant OPEN tender process.

Crown Commercial Service (CCS) supports the public sector to achieve maximum commercial value when procuring common goods and services. In 2019/20, CCS helped the public sector to achieve commercial benefits worth over £1bn – supporting world-class public services that offer best value for taxpayers.

Securing a place on the framework agreement  means Diamond Logistics will be part of a multi-billion-pound supply chain designed specifically for central government and wider public sector organisations such as the National Health Service, Department for Education and Department of Health & Social Care.

This innovative framework agreement is the first ever logistics and warehousing commercial agreement available in the marketplace.

Diamond Logistics place on this agreement means that we are able to provide the following services and solutions to our public sector customers:

Lot 1 – Logistics – Transport

Secure collection, transportation and delivery using road transportation through the provision of lorries, vans, motorcycles, bicycles and other appropriate means of transportation.

Lot 2 – Logistics – Warehousing and Storage

Internal storage, external storage and warehousing.

Lot 7 – Healthcare Logistics – Transportation and Storage

Transportation, storage and management of pharmaceuticals, blood, tissue, biological samples, healthcare materials, medical equipment and other healthcare-related services.

Following the agreement, Paul Gisbourne, managing director at Diamond Logistics, says: “Securing a place on the Crown Commercial Framework Agreement elevates Diamond Logistics to the same space as supply chains which service the Ministry of Defence, Aerospace, NHS and Secure Government sectors. This enables Diamond Logistics to bid for contracts which support these divisions. It opens up many opportunities for our business, which has national reach and extensive courier resource.

“This is a very exciting award for Diamond Logistics. It’s a privilege to be able to work with one of the  biggest public procurement organisations in the UK. “