VanPlugnPlayCtrack has launched a commitment free option for its self-installed telematics system, so businesses can gain added visibility and control over short-term rental or temporary contractor vehicles. The new payment solution will be available with Ctrack Plug & Play, so delivery companies can quickly upscale or adapt their vehicle tracking during peak periods without paying for when devices are not in use and to avoid unnecessary installation charges.

“Our commitment free offering will appeal to a range of companies that are looking to monitor temporary fleet requirements or vehicles that are not directly owned by their business,” explains John Wisdom, European Managing Director of Ctrack. “For example, it is an ideal solution for a home delivery business or courier that may need to expand its tracking system during the Christmas peak trading period.”

This latest development will allow companies to purchase Ctrack Plug & Play with a one-off charge along with an agreed monthly fee that is only payable if the device has been connected during this time period. As a result, fleet operators can rapidly expand and decrease their tracking capability without having to commit to any additional long-term contract.

Ctrack Plug & Play connects quickly and easily to the OBD II diagnostic port of the car or van in a matter of seconds to capture a wide range of telematics data. As a self-installed fleet tracking solution, the device can be freely swapped between different vehicles as and when required, avoiding the usual time and cost associated with fitting and removal of hard-wired units.

“Ctrack Plug & Play is a highly-effective telematics device that is ideal for a range of applications where a hardwired tracking system may not be suitable. By combining this with a commitment free option make it a perfect tool to expand a fleet solution both conveniently and cost efficiently,” concludes Wisdom.