AKW Global Logistics, the road transport and distribution specialist within AKW Group, has adopted a 3G vehicle camera solution in order to reduce insurance costs, improve road safety and better protect its drivers. Intelligent Telematics’ IT1000 device has been installed on 65 HGVs, made up of articulated and rigid vehicles, which operate from the company’s logistics hub in Manchester.

The IT1000 was selected following a thorough review of the vehicle camera marketplace and guidance from AKW Global Logistics’ fleet insurance partner. It was found to be the only device of its kind that could provide reliable live alerts, so the company could have complete visibility of any driving incidents in real-time. Moving forward, this will enable AKW Global Logistics to reduce the cost of insurance by immediately proving who was at fault and taking control of the claims handling process to ensure instant intervention.

In addition, the 3G vehicle cameras will be used alongside an existing fleet telematics solution to support AKW Global Logistics’ in-house driver training and incentive scheme. It will allow the company identify anyone that could benefit from a defensive driving course as well as form an important part of the induction process to raise standards amongst new drivers. In particular, actual footage of road collisions, near misses and harsh driving will be used to help educate drivers and target improvements in vehicle efficiency, environmental impact and road safety.

Jason Bradley, Site Operations Manager at AKW Global Logistics commented: “The IT1000 3G vehicle cameras will become an important part of our commitment to improving road safety, achieving efficiencies and savings, and reducing carbon emissions. The ability of the device to provide real-time alerts and upload footage to an online portal within seconds really made it stand out and influenced our selection. We expect to achieve considerable business and operational benefits as it becomes embedded into our internal processes.”

Lee Kelleway, National Account Manager at Intelligent Telematics said: “We are seeing increasing demand for a 3G vehicle camera that is highly reliable and provides real-time visibility. The IT1000 has proven capabilities and is already system of choice for many road transport operators. It is not only able to reduce the severity, frequency and cost of fleet insurance claims, but also help modify driving styles, minimise potential risk and contribute to the safety of drivers.”