Addison Lee has today launched a new delivery service to provide consumers with access to their own dedicated delivery drivers to help them during lockdown. AL REQUEST is a new click and collect feature in their existing courier service which will help both businesses and consumers as they navigate the second lockdown and future COVID-19 restrictions.

Immediately after the first lockdown in March, demand for Addison Lee’s courier services rose by 30% as businesses and people adapted to spending lots more time at home. The focus at that time was to support a monumental shift in the way people led their lives. Office equipment had to be relocated to people’s homes and vital support was provided to the NHS.

AL REQUEST allows people to get access to everyday items, such as groceries and flowers, and even get a head start on their Christmas shopping, through a simple click and collect service. It will be available across Addison Lee’s digital channels – app and web – and the functionality allows customers to add their unique order receipt number to the booking for proof of purchase and collection. The courier can then pick up the item on the customer’s behalf and deliver it straight to their home.

While shops selling non-essential items are closed and people are working from home and not able to travel on public transport, they are unable to pop out to purchase these items. AL REQUEST can bridge this gap and enable people to continue to enjoy everyday essentials in their homes.

Addison Lee is the largest same day courier provider in London and the company wants to add to its reputation in the corporate space by expanding its offer to consumers.

Liam Griffin, CEO of Addison Lee, said: “We know how hard it is for people right now, so we have launched our new AL REQUEST service to bring the everyday to people’s homes. Under new lockdown restrictions people will be missing out on shopping experiences. Whether it is a fire pit for the garden or a food and wine hamper, AL REQUEST can pick up direct from the store and deliver to your home.

“With public transport less appealing and the cold weather and dark nights setting in, Addison Lee can provide a safe and reliable option for people who still need to get hold of essential items. As we get closer to Christmas people will be missing those special festive treats and experiences. While we can’t promise them the Christmas lights of Oxford Street, we can bring a bit of comfort and joy into their homes when they need it most.”