Peyk has launched London’s first consumer to consumer (C2C) courier service, to change the way Londoners send each other things. Across Asia and The Middle East when you want to send something to a friend or a member of your family, you don’t use the post, you use a C2C courier, a service that Peyk has now brought to London.

Let’s say you’ve gone to visit a friend and left your keys at her house, without Peyk you either need to go back to your friend’s house to get it, or wait (at least) two hours for a courier to pick it up and add you to their list of drop offs. With Peyk, within a few phone taps, a courier is twenty minutes from taking safe receipt of your keys and bringing them directly to you.

Using the Peyk app, Londoners can now send and receive packages instantly via their own personal courier known as a ‘Peyker’. Peyk has the quickest pickup time in the capital, with your Peyker arriving at your door within 20 minutes, versus the market average of ‘next day’. Peykers are only assigned one delivery at a time, ensuring Londoners the quickest and safest service.

Peyk’s unique security labels, seals and digital signatures guarantee deliveries stay secure and safe on route. Customers can live track their orders via the Peyk app and receive live updates and notifications tracking their Peyker’s journey. Peyk is the only courier service which has a 24/7 customer and driver support and even guarantees same day pay to each of its “Peykers” who work hard day and night.

 Salman Moghimi- CEO of Peyk,“At Peyk we want to transform the way Londoners send items to one another. Whether you want to send an important card to a family member or you find yourself in a tricky situation without any keys, Peyk is the solution. With just two clicks on our app we can provide a personal courier to save the day”.

Alireza Shahrestani- CMO at Peyk, “In some Middle Eastern countries if you need something you will get it delivered immediately, whereas in the UK we naturally turn to the Royal Mail or rely on other traditional post solutions. We are aiming to revolutionise the courier service industry by ‘culturalising’ and bringing the concept of ‘Instant Delivery’ to London.”