Royal Mail is looking for a new national charity partner for 2022-2026 and applications are now open. Royal Mail is looking to partner with a charity over the next four years that is focused on heart health. Positive heart health is important to Royal Mail as poor heart health is one of the leading causes of absence at Royal Mail.

National charity partners will benefit from a four-year partnership with Royal Mail. Employees will be encouraged to raise money, volunteer and provide pro bono support for the charity selected. Employees will be engaged in the final decision between three shortlisted charities.

Royal Mail’s last national charity partnership was with Action for Children and focused on mental health. Action for Children were selected as a charity partner as their proposition supported a new mental health support programme for young people in schools.

Royal Mail aims to deliver economic and social benefits for our people, our customers and the communities we serve. A key strand of Royal Mail’s Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) strategy is Community Investment. In 2021-22 Royal Mail invested £5.6 million in Community Investment.

The national charity partnership is a key way in which Royal Mail delivers its community investment strategy through national scale and local presence. Previous national charity partnerships have included Action for Children, The Stroke Association and Prostate Cancer UK. All partnerships have raised over £2 million.

Information on Royal Mail’s community investment programme can be found in Royal Mail’s most recent ESG report, pages 38-43: 

Greg Sage, Deputy Director Corporate Affairs & ESG at Royal Mail, said: “We’re delighted to announce that applications for our national charity partnership are open. Royal Mail is proud to play an active part in every community across the UK. We are looking for a partner that will bring a positive, long lasting impact to those communities.”

For more information and to receive an application form please email by 4pm 15th July. Forms will be sent to those interested from 18th July 2022. Closing date for applications is 4pm 12th August 2022.