A fast growing West Midlands-based courier has achieved significant time saving advantages after rolling out new cloud transport management technology.

R&G Logistics, based in Wednesbury near Walsall, adopted the TMS Go! system from specialist software provider Mandata 12 months ago in a move to simplify its financial processes and cut administration.

The firm, which employs 20 people and operates a range of 15 flat-bed, rigid and articulated vehicles, delivering to more than 200 customers across the UK and Ireland, has subsequently reduced by 80% the time taken to complete its invoicing.

More than 100 invoices are now processed and issued by one person in less than an hour thanks to Mandata’s technology. Previously, using a paper-based system, two people would take upwards of five hours a day to expedite a similar volume of work.

R&G Logistics, which was established in 2016, was one of the first adopters of TMS Go!, a system designed for owner/driver and small transport operators looking to cost-effectively benefit from computerised transport management technology but at a fraction of the cost of larger systems.

The easy-to-use, ‘out-of-the-box’ subscription-based cloud technology, enables operators to simplify and manage better ‘order-to-invoice’ processes via cost-effective paperless technology.

The system delivered a quick return within a few weeks of going live at R&G Logistics, said Ross Flynn, the firm’s managing director and owner, who added that its proving “fantastic”.

He’s been particularly “impressed” by its capacity to deliver measurable time saving benefits for fast turnaround, 24/7 operations like his.

Upwards of 700 jobs per month are currently processed by the system, making it easier to manage workloads and save “huge” chunks of time. “It’s a very capable, easy-to-use tool; ideal for independent operators like us,” he said. “It’s a big improvement on how we previously did our invoicing. Now, one person is able to do the work of two people, in a fifth of the time.

“A feature that allows us to allocate a PO number to every job, ensuring orders are properly and duly processed, is also particularly beneficial in transport operations and helping to reduce billing queries.”

The capability to connect directly to Sage and other accountancy software providing automatic updates as well as electronic proof of delivery via the Manifest app will be “beneficial” to R&G Logistics as they roll out new technology over the coming months.

The flexibility to bolt on additional modules as needed is a key requirement when adopting new technology, added Ross Flynn, which TMS Go! offers.

He added: “It also gives us flexibility around where people can interact with the system and when, while the dashboard-style drag and drop traffic pad enables us to see at a glance current jobs and their status.

“Also, the ability to quickly add or remove information at the touch of a button is proving easy and extremely useful, particularly during peak periods of operation.”

Efficiency savings provided through the paper-less cloud transport management technology has allowed the courier to redeploy resources to other aspects of the business, notably frontline transport operations, administration and other office duties.

This is helping to improve the overall running and management of the business, and supporting growth, added Ross Flynn. Now, as he considers future expansion, he foresees that reliance on TMS Go! will only grow as more services are adopted.

“We are seeing huge savings in time and money. Mandata’s technology is enabling us to optimise resources and improve other areas of frontline operations,” he said.

R&G Logistics use of TMS Go! has revealed a system that’s proving capable, user-friendly and easily accessible by personnel. Moreover, its simplicity, well engineered features “have made it easy to move away from their old paper-based systems and they haven’t looked back”.

“I’d encourage any small haulier currently using diaries or spread sheets to plan and paper invoicing to look at the advantages offered by TMS Go! People may be put off by having to do things differently, but they’ll easily get the hang of it, and quickly see the benefits in time and money.” 

There’s no doubt its going to be a key tool in helping to drive-up standards of service and quality as the business continues to grow and expand operations in the years ahead concluded Ross Flynn.