Van InsuranceWhat is Courier Van Insurance?
Courier Van Insurance not only protects your van, it also protects your livelihood. Many couriers rely on their vehicles for collecting and making deliveries and without it your wallet could take a significant hit. Courier van insurance is there to protect you if your van is stolen or damaged when you’re out making deliveries.

Why is Courier Van Insurance necessary?
Insuring your van is just like insuring your car – if you don’t having it, you’re breaking the law. You need to make sure that your insurers know exactly what you’re using your van for, because the last thing you want it to be caught in the middle of the claim without the right insurance. The right insurance will be there to help you cover the cost of any insured repairs to your van along with any compensation for insured injuries. You might also want to make sure that you have a courtesy vehicle as part of your insurance because the last thing you want is to have a load of deliveries and no means of delivering them. Couriers are often targeted by thieves because they know you’ve probably travelling with expensive cargo, that’s why it’s also important to make sure that your goods are covered too.

What level of cover do I need for my Courier Van Insurance?
Like any insurance, you get what you pay for. It really depends on what you use your vehicle for. For example, if you deliver abroad, overnight or are delivering expensive goods, then you would require a higher level of cover. There are varying levels of cover, comprehensive cover being the most inclusive type of policy; however what you need really depends on what you do. A courier could benefit from Goods in Transit alongside comprehensive cover because it covers goods you carry in your vehicle whether that’s parcels, tools or materials. It’s vital to speak to an expert so you can determine your needs and level of cover.

How much will Courier Van Insurance cost?
Like your car insurance, courier insurance doesn’t have one set price because this type of policy isn’t one-size-fits-all. The price you pay will depend on what kind of risk you are. Risk is generally calculated by things like mileage, no claims bonus, the type of van you drive and whether or not you’ve modified it. Again, discussing your needs with an expert can help you find the most competitive quotes.

Where is it available?
Courier Van Insurance is available on our website, as well as many major insurance providers and on other comparison sites. A quick search online will find you the right option for you.

Do I really need it?
Quite simply, yes. Not only is it a legal requirement but if you provide a courier service, it offers specially designed protection for you and your business.

Isn’t it just like haulage insurance?
There are similarities; both insurances allow you to use your vehicle for the transport of goods, but there are some key differences. A courier service is more likely to be transporting very different goods every day, whereas haulage companies are more specialist and have larger external contracts and are likely to know what they are hauling. A simple indicator is the amount of drops you do; as a courier you could do anything up to 20 small drops per day, whereas a haulier might make only one drop.

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