The Innovation Team at Evri, the leading consumer delivery specialist, has developed bespoke software designed to further improve parcel delivery accuracy and customer communication, ahead of this year’s peak Christmas period. It is currently being trialled regionally. 

Parcel Vision has been designed to detect and flag any safe place photos that are taken by the courier as proof of delivery but which fail to show the parcel and where it has been left. This is for the occasional mistake where the parcel may not be clearly visible, be too close to the lens or the camera lens covered.  

The software has been developed using a machine learning model that was trained using 1000’s of SafePlace photos and will detect these issues, alert the courier explaining the problem and ask them retake the photo. Initial trail results show a 98% success rate. 

Commenting on the trial Sam Greenwood, Innovation Engineer at Evri, said: “We are always looking to leverage technology to support delivery accuracy and further improve the customer experience. Machine learning and AI is a gamechanger and our team is working on a number of exciting developments in this area.”