A London employment tribunal has ruled that a biker courier who worked with CitySprint should have been classified as a worker rather than an independent contractor.

Judge Joanna Wade of the Central London Employment Tribunal said that Margaret Dewhurst, who reportedly travelled up to 50 miles a day and worked four days a week for the company, should have been entitled to holiday pay.

As previously reported, a number of delivery companies in the UK have become involved in legal cases over the employment status of “life style couriers”.

The law firm representing Dewhurst described this ruling as a possible “test case” – but CitySprint disagreed with this view.

“We are disappointed with today’s ruling. It is important to remember that this applies to a single individual and was not a test case,” a CitySprint spokesperson commented, adding that the “vast majority” of the firm’s couriers “enjoy the freedom and flexibility of their current role”.

The CitySprint spokesperson continued: “This case has demonstrated that there is still widespread confusion regarding this area of law, which is why we are calling on the Government to provide better support and help for businesses across the UK who could be similarly affected.”