YodelFleetLiveryAstSignsUK-based carrier Yodel has announced that it handled over 22 million parcels in the five weeks running up to Christmas, which included the “cyber weekend” promotional period.

The company also announced today that statistics from eDigitalResearch showed that Yodel’s customer satisfaction levels “reached an all-time high” with 83% of online shoppers surveyed reporting a positive delivery experience.

Keith Basnett, Yodel’s chief operating officer said: “Our focus for peak 2015 was on service and delivering a fantastic customer experience and we’re delighted that our efforts are reflected in the positive feedback received from consumers.”

Following 2014’s Black Friday promotions, which triggered a huge and unprecedented spike in parcel volumes across the industry, Yodel made a number of changes, including partnering with retailers’ marketing departments to ensure that the supply chain was included in promotional planning.

In addition it agreed daily parcel volumes with retailers in advance and placed limits on next day delivery capacity, encouraging its clients to spread the delivery of orders taken during flash sales.

Dick Stead, Yodel’s executive chairman, added: “Our customer satisfaction levels have continued to improve in line with service performance and it’s particularly pleasing to see them hit record highs at our busiest time of year.”

By Alison