The past week has seen the UK hit with freezing conditions and with black ice and more snow forecast, it’s more important than ever to prepare your car for whatever the weather might throw at it.

Winter is the toughest time for your car, but with a little preparation you can be sure that you and your family are as safe as possible on the roads.

Check your coolant/anti-freeze levels.  You can do this yourself with an anti-freeze tester.  If levels are low, top up with Prestone Coolant/Anti-freeze – the US number one selling coolant product. It can be mixed with any other coolant, is guaranteed for all cars and protects down to -37 degrees celsius.  If you notice any debris in the coolant reservoir, flush your system or visit a garage for a service where they will take care of this for you.

Keep your windscreen clear.  Check your screenwash levels and top up if needed with Prestone Extreme Performance Screenwash. It melts ice down to -23 degrees celsius and prevents sun dazzle, which can be seriously dangerous during the winter when the sun is often low on the horizon.   Be sure to stock up on de-icer, it is vital to have this in your car before the winter hits – if you want to avoid the ‘cold hands scraping the windscreen with a credit card’ situation! Prestone Rapid De-Icer is the most powerful product available in the UK. It melts ice down to -40 degrees celsius – enough to cope with even the toughest Scottish conditions.

Check your tyres.  This is crucial – look at the wear and tread – do the 20p test and replace if they are not up to scratch.  Patchy, bald tyres mean that you might not stop as quickly as you need to, especially in poor weather conditions.

It can be especially dangerous to change a tyre on a dark winter’s night, add poor visibility thanks to rain, and it can be a lethal situation.  So it is wise to always carry a can of Tyreweld Emergency Car Tyre Repair, that way if you do get caught out with a flat, you can be back on the road in a few minutes.  It contains a water-based foam which re-inflates your tyre, and as you drive the foam seals the puncture, so you can get off the roadside and to a garage for full repair.  Tyreweld does not damage tyres and washes out safely and easily after use. One little can, stashed in the boot can provide massive peace of mind, especially if you travel with children.

Keep paintwork protected. Salt from the roads takes a real toll on your finish, try using Simoniz Shampoo & Wax. It guarantees protection and shine, removes harmful deposits and leaves no streaks.  This shampoo removes the need for additional waxing, but if you like to give you car an extra layer of protection, Simoniz Original Wax  is an award-winning classic, trusted for decades to gives a deep, long lasting shine, thanks to its natural carnauba wax.

We can’t make any promises about the weather this winter, but if you follow these tips, at least you will be prepared for whatever comes our way.



By Alison