CourierVan drivers of all kinds and across any sector, need to be adequately insured; not only is it a legal requirement but it adds peace of mind to when you’re carrying expensive goods across British roads. Couriers need a specific level of vehicle insurance due to the fact they may be transporting extremely important, valuable or easily damaged goods.

As a courier, your van is your business which means if it’s damaged or stolen you could be in big trouble. Let’s face it, a van driver without access to their van could soon have an issue trying to make sure the months’ bills are all up to date and paid for! As the owner of a van, you are at a significant risk of damage or threat than the average driver because you are on the road all day; it is more obvious to potential thieves that you might be carrying expensive cargo. It’s also highly likely that you make regular stop-offs for different deliveries, this gives opportunist thieves the chance to strike and steal the goods inside.

Now, every courier is different, and whilst one courier might be travelling the entire length of the country on a regular basis, there will be others who only travel throughout a limited number of regions. That’s why it’s so important to shop around for your insurance, making sure that your policy reflects their workload and the amount of miles they cover in a typical week, month or year.
It is so important when looking at courier van insurance quotes, that you know precisely what you’re looking for to make sure that all of your needs are covered. If a deal seems too good (or cheap) to be true, then the chances are it probably is.

Make sure you read all of the small print included in your policy documents, and ensure there are no stipulations that could prevent you from making a claim (e.g. times of the day when you can’t drive). You should also be wary of whether or not your insurance company will be providing you with urgent replacement vans should yours be written off the road. Peace of mind, as with any major financial decision, is key. By looking around and doing your homework on the different kinds of courier van insurance, you will be able to avoid making any bad decisions that could end up costing you a significant amount in the future.

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By Brian