One of the leading players in the new lean European removals sector is now looking for franchisees for its highly successful business model.

After more than 12 years handling light removals from the UK into mainland Europe, VanOne is now offering franchises for established small to medium sized businesses.

VanOne has created a new wave of removal operations by offering low rates on removals by involving customers in its operations: families or individuals wanting to move household contents from the UK to mainland Europe including Switzerland and Norway. By involving customers in the packing of their household goods, VanOne is able to offer highly competitive rates that include support with loading and unloading from the experienced driver.

Potential customers can make their reservations online and book the whole or part of the vehicle depending on their needs. One of the bonus offerings is the ability to track the location of the vehicle during the transportation.

Michael Pawlicki of VanOne believes this is an excellent opportunity for small to medium sized businesses to step into the removals franchise sector. 

“Our model for removals has proved to be highly attractive to both families and individuals looking for removals that don’t charge for the use of a whole van regardless of their load. We have built the business on return leg removals with the empty journeys often accepted by larger companies not part of our strategy. We offer rates that reflect single journeys into Europe and the return legs are covered by other customers into the UK.

“We have had considerable interest already from potential franchise holders who see the benefits of our business model working for them and more importantly to begin with, for the customers looking for competitive continental removals. Franchisees will be responsible for sales and marketing, customer service and billing and as part of the franchise they will be supplied with our IT platform and logistic services. As a VanOne sales partner franchisees will also be responsible for the management of orders – including cash flows and customer service. Our service has created a real buzz in the industry because it breaks the mould of one large vehicle and one large price to reflect the standard removals model.”

VanOne operates as a low cost, efficient service that focusses on the core elements of removals: price, security and service. The company already operates to 29 European countries with a staff of 57 and a fleet of 52 Renault Master and Fiat Ducato vans. 

By Alison