delivery driverUK consumers are shopping online more than ever, and as a result have higher expectations of retailers when it comes to being offered more convenient delivery options.

According to recent research undertaken by Ipsos Research, customers expect a delivery window of at least three hours when it comes to online purchases.

Nearly all of the 800 respondents who took part in the survey (99 per cent) expected their order to be delivered within one week of making the purchase, but the majority of participants (53 per cent) now expect the approximated time of delivery to be exactly within a three hour window – while 40 per cent of shoppers said they were happy to pay extra for the ‘perfect’ delivery.

“It is crucial for online retailers to keep up with the fast-paced lives of their customers, which is why mobile technology plays a vital role for e-commerce,” explained an industry expert. “From the warehouse to delivery to post-sale satisfaction, both retailers and couriers have to work closely together to ensure a swift delivery and a positive shopping experience.”

More than half of consumers (57 per cent) stated that the current delivery options on offer by retailers were not satisfactory, while 51 per cent claimed that ‘the parcel delivery reaches their home address when they are not at home and/or misses the appointment time’.


By Alison