parcelsTriangle Management Services has just released its first ‘UK International Mail and Parcels Digest’, which is designed to help UK mailers and shippers understand the wide range of services available to them.

In addition to providing a unique reference tool for anyone looking for export communications and delivery partners, Triangle’s 245-page Digest describes a vibrant £2.8bn marketplace.

Developed in collaboration with some 30 leading industry players, Triangle’s research confirms many of the key trends.

The UK has become a transit centre for international outbound mail and parcels, due not only to a healthy overseas appetite for UK branded goods, but also to the UK’s highly competitive air and road freight market.  Also, since international mail volumes are likely to remain largely flat, mail consolidators and postal operators have been joining the traditional express parcels carriers in an ever crowded market, offering a wide variety of e-commerce delivery solutions, as well as supporting marketing mail and fulfilment services.

The last few years have seen the emergence of a wider choice of international services and new players.  In particular, the introduction of cost effective tracked services and reliable cross-border returns solutions at the economy end of the market has brought more choice for users, and greater competition for incumbent operators.

The Digest’s Market Overview covers estimated market size and recent trends, with commentary on mail segments, geographic region and service level developments. Triangle estimates that, after removing the effects of double-counting, the combined UK export mail and parcels market generated some 848 million individual items and around £2.8bn in revenues in 2014.

The Service Provider Profiles include details of international mail and parcels services from 51 companies, plus marketing messages and adverts from selected companies. Service providers include postal operators, plus the UK’s leading consolidators, express parcels carriers, fulfilment and mailing houses.  The Digest also includes a full Glossary of Terminology and Research Methodology.



By Alison