trafficAn article in The Times recently stated that, according to TfL and other experts, traffic problems are being generated by people receiving deliveries at their workplace.

Patrick Gallagher, CEO of same day courier and delivery network, CitySprint, responds:

“Traffic problems caused by the number of people arranging for deliveries to their workplace or office should come as no surprise. To date, it’s the only way people can be sure there will be someone there to receive their delivery. All of us in the logistics and distribution industry have a responsibility to make sure we manage the growing demand on for our services sustainably, and with minimal additional impact. Technology affords us a golden opportunity for this.

“At CitySprint, this is why we are investing heavily new technology to maximise the number of deliveries per mile and also creating new services like On the dot, which allow consumers the flexibility to chose a specified delivery hour. No longer will people have to cart a bulky delivery back home from the office, they can simply choose a delivery time that is most convenient for them.

“This is vital for retailers. Unless they can offer customers more convenience, they will vote not just with their feet, but with their clicks. And traffic congestion problems will continue to be a problem for inner city areas.”

By Alison