Operating throughout the UK and into Europe, Carlson Vehicle Transfer has a 150 strong fleet of specially designed car transporters that are now 100% specified with GPS Vehicle Tracking from Seven Telematics for its pan European vehicle movement services.

In a relationship that goes back over nine years, every car transporter in the Carlson fleet, from the largest transporter that can carry up to 12 vehicles through to the smallest fully enclosed single vehicle truck, has been fitted with the Seven Telematics tracking equipment.

According to Carl Richardson, director at Carlson Vehicle Transfer, “Over the years, we have developed an extremely valuable relationship with Seven Telematics, to the extent that they have been able to adapt their tracking system to work specifically with our own traffic management programme. By design, their tracking system automatically generates ongoing management information and reports that give us exactly the right quality of data that we require.”

As part of the Seven Telematics vehicle tracking programme, the system covers detailed CANbus data for driver and engine management analysis, as well as automatic weekly KPI’s. Additionally, the Seven Telematics GPS tracking feeds data directly into Carlson’s third-party traffic management software system (HNF) every five minutes, to assist with ongoing traffic planning.

“We deal with a range of important customers, including car manufacturers and their dealers through to auction houses, nationwide leasing/rental companies and national car franchises, so it’s vital that we have full visibility and accountability of our fleet as we carry high value loads. By standardising on Seven Telematics GPS vehicle tracking, we now have a tracking system that gives us full coverage at all times, wherever our vehicles are working,” added Carl Richardson.

GPS vehicle tracking from Seven Telematics can easily identify which trucks are stationary, idling, or moving. With this system, it is also simple to improve vehicle utilisation by spotting which vehicles are sat inactive at a depot, on their way to a customer, unloading at a customer’s site, or are being used, unauthorised, outside of working hours.

The system also actively monitors a vehicle’s CANbus feed, with a wide range of vehicle metrics being monitored. These include, but are not limited to, statistics for acceleration, cruise control, idle time, coasting, MPG, green band driving, harsh braking, over-revving, and speeds greater than 90 Km/h.

Further information about the Seven Telematics GPS Vehicle Tracking systems can be viewed on the company’s website on http://www.seventelematics.co.uk/

By Alison