As of recent days but as of weeks or even months ahead Crown Couriers’ focus is to continue to provide reliable and urgent same day deliveries, ensuring vital emergency services can focus on providing the care that is critical to patients and those self-isolating.

We know there is an already pressed healthcare sector that faces continued strain as demand across all of its services rises. Crown Couriers is prioritising fulfilment of urgent, same day and 24/7 deliveries to the healthcare sector.

As hospitals and medical centres see a surge in demand for key equipment such as ventilators, it is imperative that breakdowns and shortages are resolved quickly. Our fleet of over 600 drivers continue to remain operating and are working tirelessly to ensure that vital parts continue to reach the right people, in the shortest time but most importantly, safely.

Similarly, as equipment, test results and samples are requested to be moved between hospitals, our teams take ownership to ensure that items are delivered to a specified person or location – wherever this may be, and at whatever time it may be.

Tim Seagers, Managing Director of Crown Couriers explains, “We vow to fulfil even the most time-critical deliveries, and to provide support where it’s needed most. We will shift tactics and respond to support the country as required. Fortunately, we are still in a position to carry out same-day, overnight and next day deliveries. Additional internal structures have already been put in place to enforce this within our processes from operations through to drivers.

We are prioritising the health and well-being of our team too, having taken a number of measures to ensure they are still able to complete their job or delivery while protecting themselves and others around them. What’s more, we are able to retain both full time and self-employed staff who are still out there and working hard to keep our economy moving.

Crown Couriers will extend this same level of support out to other sectors such as retail, government and food-related organisations or businesses that need the same or similar level of service to help the nation through this crisis. 

By Alison