royal mailThe tech-led delivery experts ParcelHero have hailed Royal Mail’s forthcoming free Delivery Confirmation on all parcels as a boon to marketplace traders.  

The news that Royal mail will introduce free delivery confirmation on all parcels – including Standard class – has been welcomed by e-commerce delivery specialists ParcelHero. With sites such as eBay and Amazon now insisting that items must have delivery confirmation the international parcel broker says this great news for traders who previously had to buy more expensive services to receive delivery confirmation.

Says ParcelHero’s Head of Consumer Research: ‘This is truly exciting news for ecommerce businesses. Royal Mail have always been far and away the cheapest service for small parcels; but the lack of tracking caused problems for traders, who currently have to take on trust the fact that items worth £15 or so really were undelivered. Now they can track parcels sent for less than £1! Of course for larger or  higher value parcels they should use a specialist parcel broker service such as ParcelHero for better rates using FedEx, UPS and DHL; and to ensure safety and tracking.’

They believe this improved service is being achieved through better technology – Royal Mail has invested in 70,000 new PDAs and 3,000 new barcode scanners. Says David ‘Technology is pushing the delivery industry ever-forward to give consumers a better service. Advances such as free delivery confirmation and ParcelHero’s popular new local collection and drop off Access Points, operated in conjunction with our partners UPS,  are making life easier for regular parcel shippers and consumers.’

However, ParcelHero does have one word of warning for shippers slow to adopt a 2D barcode-ready Parcel Shipping Solution: ‘If you have not yet switched to one of the Parcel Shipping Solutions – or you use a third party – you need to get up to speed quickly. Not only will you miss out on the benefits of ‘smart’ 2D barcodes for tracking, etc., but Royal Mail is also slipping the iron hand in the velvet glove and warning: ‘…Our operation is changing to work with barcoded parcels, and therefore it will be more expensive for us to handle items that are not barcoded. If you cannot change this may mean a higher price to reflect these costs.’


By Alison