Parcelhub-Dinnington-010-600x375Parcelhub has set up a new 20-strong e-commerce support team, which will provide a logistics support solution for its customers.

Kate Webb, Head of Customer Experience at Parcelhub, commented: “From following up non-deliveries to taking calls from end receivers, the ecommerce support team is designed to act as an extension to our customers’ own customer service departments.

“Our systems allow us to track where a call is coming from so we can answer the phone as if we are the customer. And because we have access to all the tracking and delivery data we can respond much faster and more accurately, often solving an end-receivers’ problem before the customer is even aware of the issue. At this busy time, it helps make everyone’s lives easier.”

Parcelhub already manages Amazon and Ebay inboxes on behalf of certain customers, responding to delivery-related queries on their behalf in order to provide end-receivers with accurate and up to date information. The company said that the next step will be to roll this out to all customers and add social media monitoring, so that delivery queries are being monitored across all communications platforms.

“A poor delivery record can be extremely detrimental when trading online – in fact companies can be banned from Amazon if there are consistent issues with delivery,” said Webb. “By dealing with everything under one roof we can go a long way towards eliminating many of the issues that lead to a poor delivery experience and bad reviews.”

Parcelhub added that it currently handles parcel shipping for over 500 e-commerce, eBay and Amazon retailers, moving more than 350,000 parcels per month.

By Alison