Screens V1Paragon Software Systems has extended its membership of the Microsoft Premier Support for Developers programme to help build, deploy and manage routing and scheduling solutions that use the very latest Windows technology.  By taking advantage of expert advice and support on technologies including parallel processing, Azure deployment and three-tier architecture, Paragon can ensure that its customers are benefitting from faster processing speeds and software usability improvements.

“This partnership is part of our strategy to be at the forefront of route planning software development and technology leadership, so we can maximise the performance of our customers’ transport operations,” explains William Salter, Managing Director of Paragon Software Systems. “Having access to Microsoft’s expertise and support provides total confidence that we are making the right decisions throughout the development lifecycle. We are also providing peace of mind to a growing number of transport operations worldwide that our routing and scheduling solutions take advantage of the latest software innovations and are evolving in line with technology advances.”

The Microsoft Premier Support for Developers programme provides access to a network of more than 40 development experts. In particular, Paragon can take advantage of bespoke training programs, workshops and labs to adopt best practice, enhance its internal skill base and boost the productivity of the development team. Not only is this helping Paragon to deliver tangible route planning benefits to customers, but also enabling the company to quickly and efficiently resolve any Microsoft-related issues that its clients encounter.

The partnership increases the ability to remain on top of market trends to make the most of available opportunities. For example, over the coming months, Paragon will be using the programme to support the deployment of Waypoint Mapping into the Azure cloud environment, which will enable the better sharing of routing data with integrated vehicle tracking solutions.

“The forever changing technology landscape makes it vitally important that we have access to excellent technical resource so that we can be confident we are making the correct development decisions and staying ahead in the marketplace. By creating close working relationships with industry-leading technology partners such as Microsoft, we can increase our in-house capabilities and ensure our software development team is focused on projects that benefit our product roadmap and our customers the most,” says Richard Street, Development Director of Paragon Software Systems.

Paragon is also an accredited Microsoft Gold Partner, meaning it has been certified by the technology company and proven to have the requisite number of Microsoft certified professionals developing its software products. Gold status is reserved for the most highly accredited independent technology companies within the Microsoft Partner Program, which was launched to offer a single, integrated framework to recognise expertise and help deliver value.