Managing Director

It’s the way we make you feel!

Cal Sameday was formed in 2011 by logistics professionals with a determination to ensure that our brand stands out in a crowded market place.

Leading the way in delivering today is about focusing on being the best by providing our customers with a quality service they can always depend on and delivering it to them with a 🙂 Our growing courier fleet and networks mean we are able to provide a truly nationwide sameday delivery service to rival any of the national providers. However, what sets us apart is that we focus on you; guaranteeing a hassle-free can do service with a personal touch. From point of contact through to the point of delivery and beyond, we aim to leave a positive lasting impression, making Cal Sameday a natural choice for your sameday deliveries.

Tell me Mark when did you take up your position with the company and what does your role involve?

I set up the business at the back end of 2011 along with two fellow directors. I am the managing director, and I have overall responsibility for the strategic direction and development of the business. Of course in a small business, you have to perform multiple roles, and I wear the marketing, finance and HR manager hat too amongst others.

Who else is in the senior management team besides you?

The Director of Operations and the Director of Customer Relations and Business Development make up the senior management team.

How big is your organisation today?

We still operate from one site, but we started with just three office-based staff and this has grown to 12, with the revenue increasing more than four folds from year one.

What’s your USP that sets you apart from other companies?

We operate in a competitive market place where it is not always easy to stand out from the crowd. We focus on ensuring clients can identify with our brand by delivering our core service offering of sameday. Our strap line ‘leading the way in delivering today :)’ is about delivering quality customer service with a smile and always leaving a lasting positive impression on our stakeholders.

Can you tell us in more detail about what technology you use?

We have had plenty of experience of using booking systems and decided to develop our own that meets our specific needs.

Can you talk us through how clients use your services?

Most clients prefer to book by email; they know they get a rapid response, and it tends to be the easiest way for them to transfer information to us; they can also book by phone or online. It’s down to their personal choice.

What do you see as the biggest external factors currently driving demand for your services?

There are many external factors driving demand for our service. Competition is obviously a major factor with a good mix of national and local competition as well as the sole traders. The reliability of the parcel delivery market also plays a key factor. Failures here or the fear of failure is a driver for the use of sameday services. The wider economy as a whole also plays its part. When it is strong there are a lot of investments, capital expenditure and trade meaning strong demand for services like ours.

What are the key elements for the business in achieving a positive customer service experience?

Leading the way in delivering today 🙂 is about delivering a positive service experience so customers can relate to us as being the best. Quality equals loyalty in our business; we always ensure we offer clients, reliability; are responsive to their needs; and provide reassurance that the job will be done on time and to specification. Ultimately, it is about being dependable.

Another trend in business is for everyone to want integrated, seamless, joined up information. What are you offering in response?

We are a low volume premium service. Clients send us a booking and we personally manage their consignment from collection to delivery and keep them informed. It’s a personal service. Once we have their booking there is nothing else they need to do, no form filing, no consignment tracking or chasing, its hassle free and requires little action from them – seamless.

Any plans for acquisitions or investments?

We are approaching our fourth full financial year; we are looking forward to strengthening our brand as much as possible locally, from this point we want to widen our scope, acquisitions and franchising are two pathways that can help us achieve this as well as growing our online presence.

If you could send a message to the Transport Secretary, what would it be?

I am sure the transport secretary is aware that the delivery industry is vital to the success of UK economy. The more efficient our transport networks are the better it is for us all. In an ideal world, there would be more efforts dedicated to improving these networks for our industry. The UK population is growing, and our road networks need to keep up with this.

Where do you see the company going from here?

We are certainly looking at growth strategies for the next 24 months focusing on our core offering of Sameday. There are many avenues to explore, onwards and upwards.

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By Brian