loads map2 (003)Transport Exchange Group is seeing the emergence of a new generation of road transport professional that is embracing collaboration and technological innovation to drive growth. In fact, almost 300 hauliers, couriers, freight forwarders and logistics operators have joined the company’s leading freight trading exchanges during the past three months, while average daily activity through the platform amongst existing members has grown to more than 91 per cent.

“This next generation of operators are looking at the industry in fresh light to create new growth opportunities and work with likeminded partners,” says Transport Exchange Group’s Head of Business Development Simon Bunegar. “These professionals and future industry leaders are increasingly forward thinking and tech savvy, taking advantage of the latest developments and emerging best practice in the marketplace to boost performance and maximise return on assets.”

Over 4,000 active road transport members are now using Haulage Exchange and Courier Exchange to fill available capacity and improve workload. It is helping them to get connected and engage with other operators to develop proven networks and access a virtual fleet of more than 31,000 vehicles. This interactive collaboration, often utilising integrated telematics, is enabling them to make best use of available resources as well as increase capacity during peak trading periods.

For example, North West-based FAT Solutions has transformed it business with the help of Haulage Exchange from a biodiesel producer that operated its own trucks to a road transport business specialising in urgent same-day distribution. According to owner Gary Armstrong: “Our fleet of vehicles are working 24/7 all over the country. The Haulage Exchange has been brilliant, introducing us to a lot of people who we have done a lot of business with. This includes a couple of local companies whose operations complement our own, so we have been able to develop hugely beneficial relationships.”

Elsewhere, Rory Ling has been working for his family business, Redhead Couriers, for the past two years and during this time quickly recognised the potential of Courier Exchange. “The Exchange had previously been used within the business to sub contract work we could not handle ourselves, but in the last couple of years we have been promoting our available capacity to remove dead mileage from our operation,” he explains. “The system is so simple and almost instantaneous, making it easy to both post work and fill empty vehicles.”