netdespatch-logoNetDespatch, the leading SaaS parcel data management platform for postal and parcel carriers, has partnered with the world’s leading airfreight and express wholesaler Air Menzies International (AMI) to provide an integrated end-to-end international delivery solution for AMI customers.

Established in 1976, AMI provides ‘neutral’ air freight and Express wholesale services exclusively to freight forwarders and courier agents. It works with the world’s airlines and integrators to purchase large volumes of capacity which allows customers to benefit from AMI’s buying power.

The first customer to utilise the joint solution to streamline their operations is Streetwise Couriers, which has been servicing businesses throughout Surrey and South West London since 1985. Streetwise Couriers is a founder member of the Despatch Association and National Courier Association, and offers numerous same day, overnight and international delivery service options to customers.

AMI, General Manager, Pat Walsh explained. “The major issue for Streetwise Couriers was a lack of transparency on real-time tracking for its customer’s orders. The process, prior to the implementation of the NetDespatch solution, was incredibly manual and very time exhaustive. It relied on Streetwise having to manually input their customers’ orders onto their system and then AMI administrative staff having to re-input this information on our system, as well as manually enter the tracking updates. Not only was this a duplication of work which wasted valuable time for both organisations, but it also meant that there could be errors with miskeyed information.”

Pat Walsh continued, “Our integration with NetDespatch provides Streetwise with a much more streamlined international solution and provides them with visibility on shipments from the moment they are despatched to when they are delivered. This transparency not only speeds up the availability of tracking information but also ensures that any issues can be seen instantly making the business much more efficient.”

Streetwise Couriers, have retained NetDespatch since 2004 to provide a web shipping and integration platform for their business customers. The new partnership, which adds AMI as a ‘Vendor’ on the NetDespatch platform, allows Streetwise customers to book on shipments to anywhere in the world, without any specialist knowledge, and automatically obtain the correct label, customs documentation and manifests, as well as be able to track the progress of their parcel to point of delivery.

Streetwise Couriers, International Controller, Simon Fuller confirmed. “The major benefit for us is time saved, as the previous manual process has been replaced by a more streamlined and automatic system. It has also enabled us to provide a higher level of customer service and enabled our customers to have a better customer experience which should result in more retained business in the future.”

By Alison