Maxoptra dynamic delivery route planning and scheduling software is helping temperature controlled distribution specialist, K2B Couriers, optimise its fleet operations and boost customer service. K2B provides same day, backup and planned deliveries for a range of blue-chip clients across sectors such as food, pharmaceutical and medical supplies. Often working within stringent auditing and reporting systems, K2B must ensure consignments arrive on time and in perfect condition. 

The newly introduced Maxoptra platform will allow K2B couriers to intelligently schedule single and multi-drop routes, respond to urgent same day requests and deliver on long term contracts, often with short turnaround and huge seasonal fluctuations. Using Maxoptra, K2B Couriers will reduce unnecessary mileage, thereby helping control costs and minimise environment impact, and boost customer service with improved ETA and POD notifications and KPI reporting. K2B selected Maxoptra following a free trial of the scheduling solution based on the system’s functionality, ease of use and flexible contract terms. 

“Support for our previous on-premises route planning solution was withdrawn some time ago, and when the software suddenly stopped working at one of our busiest times, we had no option but to manually plan using online mapping tools,” commented Kim Barnett, owner of K2B Couriers. “With nearly 1,000 deliveries to schedule, this took the best part of 48 solid hours!

“As we take pride in our responsiveness and customer service, this was simply not acceptable. We reviewed a number of different options, including planning solutions from some of the ‘market leaders’. However, upfront costs, minimum user requirements and long, inflexible contracts made their offerings unsuitable for our needs,” he continued. 

The cloud based Maxoptra Delivery solution selected by K2B Couriers is offered with no upfront hardware costs or minimum user contracts. A simple per vehicle registration fee is charged with a rolling monthly contract – charging only for vehicles used and allowing additional vehicles to be added at any time. 

Maxoptra will easily integrate with K2B’s existing back office systems, with customer details and order requirements automatically imported into the route planning software. Additional functionality, including automated ETA notifications and POD reporting, will also prove beneficial to the specialist couriers. 

“While developed with some of the UK’s largest fleets, Maxoptra is equally suited to smaller operators such as K2B,” added Maxoptra Business Development Director Stuart Brunger. “We know that ease of implementation, functionality and flexibility are all essential – so that is what we offer.” 


By Alison