Mandata, the transport management system experts, have launched a new job management system to help owner-drivers and operators with small fleets run their businesses.

Mandata Now is a cloud-based job management tool designed specifically for smaller haulage companies that need help to run their transport operation.

Available for the first month free of charge and normally priced at £49.99 per month (per user), Now requires no formal training or set up and users can be up and running in minutes. They can add all of their jobs, plan those jobs and allocate them to vehicles, drivers and sub-contractors. They can update job progress manually or use Mandata’s e-pod solution to get real time updates from drivers. Once the job is complete Now will also send the customer an invoice.

Now gives smaller haulage companies an alternative to using diaries, spreadsheets and whiteboards to run their transport operation, giving them a real time visibility and control.

“This is great for owner-drivers and managers of smaller fleets, who need to share their time between back-office duties and running an efficient transport operation.” Says Mandata’s Development Director, Kevin Marshall. “The system’s designed to be quick and easy to master, with useful features like a quick-view calendar that makes for a well-managed diary to ensure nothing gets overlooked.”

Mandata Now job management system is expected to bring significant benefits to owner-drivers and anyone involved with the daily administration and planning of a smaller, hands-on, transport operation, with simple processes.

“In short,” adds Kevin Marshall “by eliminating much of the paperwork and organising the key tasks in one place, Mandata Now cuts down errors, reduces delays, improves efficiency and generally makes life a lot easier for owner-drivers. With the flexibility to work anytime, anywhere the system gives them the freedom to stay on top of tasks wherever they are.”

Anyone interested in signing up for the Now system can visit Mandata’s website

By Alison