Vehicle tracking has come to the rescue after a courier’s van was hijacked in a residential area of Sheffield. The driver, working for JMHC Logistics, was accosted and dragged from his vehicle by thieves while making home deliveries on behalf of leading online retailers. However, the vehicle was fitted with an advanced telematics system from Ctrack, which allowed the company to remotely immobilise the van and then liaise with the Police to arrange safe recovery.

JMHC Logistics had fitted Ctrack’s tracking solution at the beginning of 2015 across 200 vans that operate throughout Yorkshire and the North East, changing from a previous supplier because of the ability to immobilise vehicles should a theft occur. As a result, the courier was able to alert the company of what had happened, with office-based employees able to organise for the vehicle to be disabled when it was next stationary. JMHC Logistics was then able to pinpoint the exact location of the van using Ctrack’s web-based system and quickly recover the vehicle.

Rebecca Hall from JMHC Logistics commented: “Vehicle tracking is an important tool that is used to safeguard our employees and assets within our multi-drop home delivery operation. It is a useful safety net for our drivers, providing important information to check customer queries and protect against falsely-accused driving offences or fraudulent insurance claims. The system also helps encourage improved driver behaviour to ensure we are working in a responsible manner.”

John Wisdom, Managing Director of Ctrack commented: “Our extensive range of tracking systems and tools means we are best placed to work with customers such as JMHC Logistics to meet their precise requirements. This proven technology is enabling fleets of all sizes to address business critical performance issues as a result of greater operational visibility, control and efficiency.”