To meet end-user needs for efficiency and space optimisation, Interroll has launched the MX-Vs. This revolutionary vertical crossbelt small wheel sorter redefines the standards of package handling and sorting.

Utilising Interroll’s proven mechanical principle, the MX-Vs allows for the gentle sortation of a wide array of items, from polybags to boxes, cartons, and envelopes. Its space-saving layout is suitable for applications across various industries but has been designed with the needs of courier, express and parcel (CEP) businesses in mind.

The MX-Vs is a compact powerhouse. Standing at just 1400 mm, it is equipped with a robust gear motor and reaches speeds of up to 1.3 meters per second. The sorter length can stretch up to 180 meters long, making it a versatile addition to any goods handling line. Despite its power, it operates with a whisper, ensuring a tranquil work environment that supports employee well-being and productivity.

Hilton Campbell, managing director of Interroll UK said: “The MX-Vs is more than space-saving design; it’s a testament to engineering excellence. It has been built to last, with fixed operation points and a robust configuration that guarantees process reliability and high availability. It’s perfect for sensitive goods but can handle boxes weighing up to 35kg.”

Designed with care, the MX-Vs features hamper chutes that are strategically positioned at arm height, eliminating the need to bend down when picking packages. This ergonomic consideration reduces strain and enhances worker comfort.

The modular design of the sorter means that it can be added to any line sortation platform, fitting in seamlessly with existing equipment.

Mr Campbell added: “Interroll is a leader in providing innovative solutions for logistics and package handling. With a focus on design, performance, and user experience, we are dedicated to improving the efficiency and productivity of businesses worldwide. We’re excited to see how the MX-Vs will improve outputs for CEP and other users across the UK.”

By Alison