Insurance Revolution is a specialist in courier insurance.

We have found the best insurers for courier insurances and agreed deals with them individually allowing us access to not only the best coverage for your courier business but access to more quotes than most other brokers.

What’s more, we are able to allow our customers to use their personal no claims bonuses as a means of bringing down the cost of their Courier Insurance in many instances. As specialists we work with a large number of couriers across the UK including owner drivers and courier businesses with fleets of vehicles.

What insurance do I need?

Goods In Transit – If you are working as a courier you will be trusted with other people’s goods. From the delivery of urgent business papers to new mobile phones and everything in between, if you are looking after other people’s possessions you will need insurance to make sure that you are covered in case of an accident, theft or even loss.

Hire and Reward Insurance – Hire and Reward is a class of insurance use which allows you to legally carry other people’s goods in return for payment. Hire and Reward is a legal requirement for anyone whose job requires them to transport other people’s property in exchange for a fee. Moreover, you will be charged with an offence if you are caught working as a courier and you do not have Hire and Reward cover, so it is more than worth the extra expense.

Public Liability – PL, as it’s often called, provides protection in case a member of public suffers injury, financial loss or even damage to their property as a result of your business actions. Although not a legal requirement, it is highly recommended.

Employers Liability – If you employ staff, even if it’s just one driver, legally you require Employers Liability insurance. EL will provide you with protection if any of your employees are injured during the course of his or her work for you.

Courier Fleet Insurance – If you have a number of vehicles that are used by your staff for your courier work, you may find it easier and often cheaper to take a courier fleet policy allowing you one renewal date, any driver policies and reducing the amount of admin involved in your business insurance.

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By Brian