everyday heroesInternational courier and SME champion ParcelHero identifies the qualities needed in new recruits for transport and logistics companies, and launches a competition to award those Everyday Transport & Logistics Heroes.

For companies working in the vibrant transport and logistics sector, one enthusiastic person can make all the difference. It’s vitally important for SMEs in particular to hire the right people. Transport businesses needs 100% from everyone, and simply can’t afford to carry people.  Global courier ParcelHero, has launched a competition to identify and reward these Everyday Transport & Logistics Business Heroes.

Says ParcelHero’s David Jinks MILT: ‘Getting the right people at the very beginning is often key to a businesses’ success. The entrepreneur who founds a delivery company or a transport consultancy is often full of charisma and drive, but as soon as a business begins to grow, they need every day heroes and heroines behind them to make it all work. Someone like that unsung PA who has saved your bacon more times than you can remember makes a significant difference for an embryonic business.’

Explains David ‘It’s small wonder that, as a start-up expands, whether it be a man and van looking to be the next UPS, or minibus hire company aiming to be the next Stagecoach, when employing for the first time, it can be genuinely daunting for the interviewer as well as the interviewee. The pressure is on to get it right. One key trait to look out for, and which makes a true hero for a growing transport business, is adaptability. For a new company things often won’t happen as smoothly as hoped. There will be times that a rash of bookings take you buy surprise and you need people to do a few extra hours or go the extra mile. That’s when you hope your new ‘ordinary’, mild-mannered employee will suddenly disappear into a telephone booth and emerge as the hero you need.

‘That new standout driver or warehouse operative might not yet be a shining mentor, but reliability and adaptability are qualities that make ‘everyday’ employees our own business heroes. If you can find the right person that shows initiative when problems hit, as they inevitably will, and keeps customers onside, then you have found your businesses hero.’

Reveals David: ‘ParcelHero is seeking to discover these Everyday Transport and Logistics Heroes and heroines from all kinds of businesses, from start-ups and SMEs to multinationals. If there’s an unsung star who’s making a genuine difference to the success of your fleet this is the chance to have them recognised. Please nominate your Business Everyday Heroes, and the winners could receive a pair of flights to the holiday destination of their choice, or a selection of pampering experience days. Our competition has only been running a few days, but already we’ve had some inspiring nominations.’

Concludes David: ‘It couldn’t be easier to nominate someone you admire. Simply fill out the form on ParcelHero’s Everyday Hero site, and your own particular hero or heroine could be a winner! Get your vote in soon, as submissions close on November 22, 2015, after which our panel of judges will pick a winner from each category who deserves our heroic experience day.’

By Alison