online-shoppingOnline consumers are showcasing flexibility in their online purchase journey and as a result, require more alternative delivery options, according to a recent global study.

The latest Pulse of the Online Shopper study surveyed 19,000 frequent online shoppers across 14 countries – with figures showing the rise of the ‘flex shopper’: an online buyer who switches between devices and channels when evaluating and purchasing items.

Interestingly, European shoppers expect a superior online and in-store shopping experience, along with the flexibility to choose when and how their items are delivered. A choice of delivery options is of key importance in Europe, where 32 per cent stated that they would much prefer their online shopping to be shipped to locations other than their place of residence.

While in-depth product information and online content will never be a substitute for a highly knowledgeable sales representative, it can however support customer research in advance of shop visits. Just 59 per cent of shoppers are content with the amount of product detail provided to assist them with establishing whether or not a product fully meets their requirements. With regards to delivery, 52 per cent of respondents said they would prefer to see details of the expected arrival date as opposed to the number of days it will require for the item to arrive.

By Alison