Paragon is helping road transport and logistics operations to ensure drivers follow approved routes with the launch of Waypoint Mapping. This latest innovation will enable fleet operations to benefit from higher levels of efficiency, customer service and safety by ensuring that actual journeys keep to the expected plan. Microlise has become the first Paragon telematics partner to take advantage of the advanced feature, which feeds optimised instructions straight into the driver’s cab via a Sat Nav device.

“Transport planners can spend lots of time creating the most optimised plan but if the planned route is not executed when vehicles leave the depot then it becomes harder for transport operations to realise benefits such as reduced mileage and costs,” explains William Salter, Managing Director of Paragon Software Systems. “Our Waypoint Mapping feeds the Paragon route plan direct to the driver, via an integration to Microlise telematics solutions, providing turn by turn guidance through their Sat Nav device to achieve the most efficient and timely journey, while factoring in any road or truck restrictions.”

Providing drivers with guidance in the cab will help ensure that optimised routes are more closely followed, with the transport office able to review any diversions during the driver debrief back in the depot. This ultimately reduces the number of discrepancies between planned and actual routes, so companies can refine schedules and ensure that real costs mirror the optimised plan.

When used alongside Paragon’s Route Control, Waypoint Mapping will enable transport operations to better comply with time-sensitive road restrictions such as the London Lorry Control Scheme (LLCS) or internal duty of care initiatives, which may prevent drivers travelling past high risk locations such as schools or hospitals. The adoption of Paragon’s Truck Attribute Data will also help avoid routes where the vehicle may exceed the weight or size limits, including narrow roads and low bridges.

Matt Hague, Executive Director – Product Strategy at Microlise commented: “Route and schedule adherence has been shown to demonstrate significant improvements, resulting in growing demand from customers wanting to use Paragon’s Waypoint Mapping with Microlise. Through the integration of our transport management solutions with the routing and scheduling software, we are already intelligently analysing actual against expected activity and this latest innovation helps drive further performance benefits for our customers.”

Paragon Waypoint Mapping is one of the Paragon Live modules which are designed to further enhance the efficiencies gained from routing and scheduling software by integrating with real-time vehicle tracking. This enhanced functionality is helping companies to improve the efficiency and accuracy of their planning operation, while reducing mileage and keeping customers better informed.