In May, CitySprint began a trial in Oxford of an electric cargo bike provided by EAV Solutions, an Oxfordshire based company providing sustainable vehicle alternatives.

They are committed to offering their clients innovative green solutions that meet their requirements and believe the EAV 2Cubed vehicles offer a perfect solution to bridge the gap between the existing Cargo Bikes and Electric Vans. The EAV vehicles are based on an electric pushbike and as such do not require a driving licence or registration with the DVLA and are also permitted to use pedestrian areas and cycle paths.

The 2Cubed bike gives the ability to transport up to 150kg of freight in a roomy cargo space that is completely customizable to our clients’ and riders’ demands, all without being subject to the congestion or ULEZ zones that are found in London and becoming common in other cities around the UK. Since starting the trial the EAV has travelled over 8000 miles and completed over 200 zero emission deliveries.

Oxford have a varied schedule in place for the duration of the trial to include ad-hoc overnight collections, hospital blood collections and medicine deliveries around Oxford. A number of couriers have been keen to get involved with the trial and see what the e-cargo bike has to offer.

Oxford’s Service Centre Manager, Michael Peterson, said: “I am delighted to have the opportunity to trial the EAV and now branded looks awesome, we have had feedback from multiple couriers and has been very positive. Members of the public have asked to take photo’s along with customers who have also been impressed with the EAV capabilities.”

Later this week, the cargo bike will be making it’s way to London, where it will complete a variety of specialist deliveries in the capital.

The trial proves their commitment to making logistics more sustainable and offering a portfolio of zero emission delivery options to their customers, and shortly follows the news that CitySprint is now a certified Carbon Neutral business. Click here to find out more about our pledge to build a greener future for logistics.

By Alison