Two suitcases worth of luxury makeup across 870 miles in just under 24 hours.

Following last year’s cancellation of the Cannes 2020 Film Festival, we were pleased to hear that this year, the annual celebration would resume – celebrating its 74th edition of Festival de Cannes. The festival was underpinned by a sense of reuniting and coming together – a much needed and fitting theme following 2020’s challenging year of isolation and social distancing.

Lip Gloss and Logistics

With the last-minute commotion surrounding the event – Crown SDS, a UK-based logistics service was tasked to transport two suitcases worth of high-quality makeup products for one of their clients, who needed the deliveries to be completed to a time-pressured deadline. As this was an emergency, a fashion emergency of the highest level – our London Team formed a partnership with a close airline contact Diamond Air International to reunite the makeup products with their owners at the Cannes Film Festival, ahead of the festivities. The team were able to successfully source a travel certificate in due course that would allow them to hand-deliver the makeup to the festival before being worn by the celebrity attendees.

The Westminster-based customer had tried sourcing a logistics service that could offer time-critical overseas delivery of two suitcases to the French Riviera but had been unsuccessful. The cases in question were high-end beauty products, supplied to make-up artists providing services to high-profile VIP’s appearing at the Cannes Film Festival.

Tony Clements, Area Manager – South at Crown SDS said,

“Despite time being against us which is often the case within the logistics sector – we were proud to be able to deliver the makeup products, with additional time to spare.

We’d like to say a huge thank you to our airline contact Diamond Air International for their co-operation and collaboration for this project. With a long-built and strongly established relationship with Diamond Air, we were guaranteed fast-access for our time-pressured situation. It was also an excellent opportunity to be a part of the ‘behind the scenes’ for the Cannes Film Festival – following an especially challenging year for the events industry.”

The Crown team worked in partnership with Diamond Air to quickly source an on-board agent who was fully vaccinated and had taken both an antigen and PCR test – a huge challenge within the small timeframe. An international travel certificate was also obtained successfully, stating the reason for travel, which would allow the agent to travel into France and personally hand the items over.

“Being able to have a strong relationship with our airline providers is integral to ensure the highest level of visibility and speed is maintained, when it comes to air cargo transport. Even the smallest of amenities are prioritised so that we can continue to deliver to specific demand”

By Alison