UK couriers are bracing themselves for the ‘eBay bounce’ following the launch of the iPhone 7. 

Apple’s controversial new iPhone 7 and Watch Series 2 are shipping on September 16th: and the e-commerce delivery expert ParcelHero is warning the ‘eBay bounce’ could place a strain on some UK courier services.

Because shoppers want their new phones on the day they are released the UK courier market sees a spike whenever a new iPhone is launched. ParcelHero’s Head of Consumer Research, David Jinks MILT, says: ‘We first observed the iPhone Effect in September 2012 when there was a huge demand on UK courier services following the launch of the iPhone 5; and the pattern was repeated in September 2014 for the launch of the 6.  iPhone 7 mania will be at a peak on the 16th as everyone wants to be the first to show off their new device.’

Warns David: ‘Apple, and companies such as Carphone Warehouse and EE, will have deliveries well in hand; but the problem will be the ‘eBay bounce’. Looking at the hundreds of eBay iPhone 7 related listings already posted there is likely to be an extremely high volume of new shipments as traders look to sell on at a profit. Some eBay traders are even promising same day delivery within the London area for the 16th.’

As well as the phones themselves, there is also a huge accessory market generating deliveries. Everyone wants a case for their new phone ready for the day they get it; and eBay and Amazon marketplace traders are already offering iPhone 7 covers from the likes of ESR and Spigen for the 16th.

Add to this the fact that Apple is offering free returns if there is any issue and the UK delivery industry is sure to be busy.

But perhaps not as busy as it was? Says David: ‘Demand is likely to fall from the peaks we saw in 2012. iPhone orders have been dropping in recent times and not everyone is wild about the new 7 not having a traditional headphone jack, for instance. None-the-less the launch of a new iPhone is still an Event and one that creates a peak in deliveries that retailers and couriers have to prepare for.’

David cautions: ‘Because ParcelHero only partners with leading delivery companies such as DHL and UPS, who have been working for some time with their retail customers to ensure they meet demand, ParcelHero deliveries are unlikely to be impacted by the iPhone 7 Effect. They are also not going to be overwhelmed by the increased demand from eBay users. That’s not the case for every cheap and cheerful delivery company however. If you want to send a parcel around the 16th you are best to choose a good-value, trusted service.’

If you are selling or returning a mobile phone by courier, there are some important guide lines to follow. See


By Alison