AUTOGASDrivers looking for a cheaper and cleaner alternative to petrol and diesel are to be tempted back to another established fuel source following a major rebranding exercise by leading LPG supplier Autogas Limited.

The new brand identity is to be rolled out across the company’s 215 refuelling sites across the UK which are used by more than 150,000 drivers whose vehicles are powered by the permanently low-priced fuel.

In addition, the company has also launched a brand new website which provides motorists with a wealth of information about the cost-saving, health and environmental advantages of LPG autogas, as well as helping them find a quality specialist service centre that can convert their car to run on the fuel.

“LPG autogas provides motorists with a breath of fresh air and we’re delighted to launch our new identity which reflects these attributes much more closely,” explains Linda Gomersall, general manager, Autogas Limited. “Our product is clean and modern and it’s fantastic news for motorists that our rejuvenated brand echoes these qualities. What’s more, this considerable investment will give further confidence to users that LPG autogas has a significant future in the UK, hopefully encouraging more to convert to the greener fuel.”

For those drivers unfamiliar with LPG, the new Autogas website features a series of case studies about businesses and individuals who have all saved thousands of pounds by switching to the fuel. There’s also a host of advice about buying and converting a car to run on LPG as well as an interactive calculator showing drivers how much their annual fuel savings are likely to be on autogas LPG. Meanwhile for drivers already benefiting from LPG, the site contains a map (linked to Google Maps for easy smartphone use) showing the locations of the 1,400 LPG refuelling sites around the UK.


By Alison