ArrowXL, the leading 2-person home delivery company, has announced a number of developments to support its predicted busiest peak period yet. The company has already seen a significant increase in volumes since the start of the pandemic and is predicting that this will continue with an estimated increase of over 30% between now and Christmas, compared to last year. 

In order to prepare for this, ArrowXL has taken a step up of over 15% increased network capacity with the opening of brand-new facility in Enfield and is increasing the size of its delivery fleet by a third. Over 100 additional staff have already joined the business and another 300 seasonal employees will be recruited across all areas. Where possible these employees are being given the option of working from home in line with Government guidelines.

The company has also invested £1.5m in additional technology including new handheld terminals for all delivery crews.

Peter Louden, COO at ArrowXL, said: “In many ways we have been practicing for Peak since the start of lockdown when our volumes shot up as people turned to online shopping, purchasing garden furniture instead of going on holiday and buying fitness equipment as the gyms were shut. People are continuing to invest in their homes with new furniture and appliances as are those taking advantage of the stamp duty break to move. And this is before we factor in Black Friday and Christmas!

“As a result, we are putting in place the necessary measures to ensure that we can continue to maintain our service levels during what we believe will be the busiest peak period for us to date, and working more closely than ever with our retail clients to understand their predictions and requirements.”

By Alison