As lovers and friends alike get ready to send their Valentine’s Day cards and gifts to their beloveds, Royal Mail unveils its ‘Valentine’s postbox’ in the most romantic village in the UK, Lover. The romantically-designed postbox is adorned with a selection of hearts and will be decorated during February for lovers to visit and send their post from. The postbox is located on Besomer Drove in Lover, Salisbury.

Ahead of 14 February, Royal Mail is once more sponsoring the village’s annual Lover Village Valentine Post. The village cupids will be stamping each card received via the Lover Village Valentine post service with their special postmark before it is sent on its way by the local postie. The village postal service helps everyone send a little love with a range of beautifully designed cards with personalised messages, all lovingly sealed with the Lover cachet stamp. Lover village provides a global service ever year for Valentine’s Day having sent cards to every continent on the planet over the last few years it has been operating.

This year, the Darling Cafe in Lover will also be re-opening its doors, welcoming visitors to the village and giving the community a place to meet and socialise. The Lover village website ( is already taking online orders and the pop up Post Office opened its doors on 5 February 2022.

A small village in Wiltshire, Lover is close to the county border with Hampshire. It is within the New Forest National Park and part of the Redlynch parish.

When it comes to sending Valentine’s Day parcels, online shoppers also have the option of having Valentine’s parcels collected from their doorstep with Royal Mail’s Parcel Collect. With this service, postmen and postwomen now collect parcels as well as deliver them on their daily round. Royal Mail’s Parcel Postboxes are another option for posting Valentine’s gifts to loved ones. In order to use these services, customers simply need to ensure they have already paid the correct postage to send their item. If an item does not have pre-paid postage such as a return, customers are able to pay for their postage online with Click & Drop® by visiting the Royal Mail App or website.

David Gold, Director of External Affairs & Policy at Royal Mail, commented: “Royal Mail is proud to continue to play a part in the charming Valentine’s service that Lover village provides each year. Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to let that special someone know how much you love them. Royal Mail continues to play the very important role we have of delivering cards, letters and gifts across the UK.”

Nick Gibbs, Chair of the Lover Community Trust, said: “Over the last 5 years, the Lover Valentine Post has put smiles on over 15,000 faces around the world. The Lover Valentine Post epitomises what can be done through community friendships. We are a small village with big ambitions to send a little love, everywhere. Love is a wonderful thing and with the help of Royal Mail we are sending it around the world.”

By Alison