2 man deliveyWith Christmas just around the corner, consumers will soon start placing their orders in preparation for the big day. Whether it’s the latest flat-screen TV, a bigger table for the dining room, or a new dishwasher to help clear up after the Christmas meal, customers expect top-notch service when having their goods delivered.

With larger products like these, this can be difficult, however. Customers are often left feeling annoyed and cheated by couriers who won’t deliver large or bulky items beyond the front door, but this situation can actually be avoided quite easily. Misunderstandings in this area usually occur because customers are unaware that they can request a 2-Man delivery for larger items like these.

By selecting a 2-Man service, customers gain the benefit of having two delivery experts on-hand to safely manoeuvre their goods to wherever they need them in the house. Not only that, but 2-Man services normally include insurance for any damage caused to the items or the property during delivery, whereas most standard deliveries do not.

For both of these reasons, many customers would happily opt for a 2-Man service, but can only do so only if retailers inform them about it. This is why logistics companies must work with retailers to make them aware of what different delivery options are available, and which is most appropriate for the order that the customer has placed – as well as what the service will not include.

The truth is that many customers will gladly pay to have a large item safely delivered to the room of their choice, with insured personnel on hand to ensure that that everything goes to plan. Of course, others will always want to choose the least expensive option, but at least they will know exactly what to expect, thus avoiding any nasty surprises when the delivery arrives. It is the challenge of obtaining a sale today vs the longer term brand loyalty that a positive customer experience will lead too.

Logistics companies must therefore encourage retailers to educate their staff about additional options like 2-Man delivery, so that they can provide customers with all the information they need to select the delivery service that best meets their needs.  After all, retail staff can only suggest these alternatives if they understand the key features and benefits of these different options themselves.

This information will be easy to share at the checkout, but details of options like 2-Man delivery must be easily accessible online as well. Retailers can achieve this goal by displaying exactly what each delivery service includes on their websites, along with the price for each. This way, customers can decide which delivery option will suit them best – even if it’s not the cheapest.

By working with retailers to ensure that customers are aware of the benefits of services like 2-Man delivery, logistics companies can save customers from the anger and frustration of having large objects left on their doorstep with no way of moving them. Happy, informed customers will not only lead to repeat business for both the retailer and the courier, but will also help to enhance the reputations of both, consequently having a positive impact on all concerned.


[Source: James Timberlake, Head of Marketing at DX]

By Alison